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  • Multi-Dimensional Behavior Analysis

    How to Identify Advanced Persistent, Targeted Malware Threats with Multidimensional Analysis

    This white paper illustrates a multidimensional analysis of malware as an approach to identify advanced persistent, targeted threats.

  • Cloud-Based Intelligence

    The Solution to Complex Cyber Attacks

    In this white paper, AhnLab Introduces a new solution based on cloud computing technology, automated threat analysis, and DNA maps of malware characteristics identified from a database of approximately 500 million code samples.


  • Based on our cloud computing strategy, AhnLab’s technologies and solutions seamlessly converge into a single platform to cope with evolving IT security challenges. We deliver comprehensive, coordinated protection against the widest variety of threat sources, thanks to consistent high quality at every level of our security strategy.
  • AhnLab keeps enterprise networks safe at every point of entry with an all -inclusive security layer that not only defeats today’s attacks, but also thwarts tomorrow’s evolving threats.