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AhnLab Holds New Year Initiative Meeting for 2023


January 3, 2022 – AhnLab, Inc., a leader in cyber security, held a New Year Initiative Meeting conducted online and offline simultaneously at the AhnLab office in Pangyo.





At the event, CEO Suk-Kyoon Kang announced the company's strategic vision and challenges for 2023, which aim for continuous adaptation and innovation in a rapidly changing business environment.


CEO Suk-Kyoon Kang introduced the vision “AhnLab ReGenerate (continuous change, innovation, resilience) PLUS”, including ▲Performance Plus (promoting individual and organizational growth by changing the way of work), ▲Level Plus (expanding technology and business capabilities to ensure global competitiveness via enhanced technical competency), ▲Unifying Plus (strengthening “integrated security” to address diverse customer security needs), and ▲Synergy Plus (shared growth based on open innovation) initiatives. The CEO also emphasized that as per this vision, all efforts will be made to internalize ESG methodologies to ensure sustainable growth.


Further, AhnLab announced challenges to be undertaken in the year ahead. These include developing next-generation security models and related technologies such as △XDR (Extended Detection and Response), △OT Security, △Cloud Native Security (CNAPP), △Zero Trust (ZTNA), as well as expanding global competitiveness on the basis of these models and technologies (see supplementary information).


A presentation session was also held during the day's event at which the heads of AhnLab's operation divisions (business units, service units, R&D, marketing headquarters, product services planning office, and technical support headquarters) shared major goals and business strategies for the coming year with all employees.


"We expect 2023 to be a year coexisting with crises caused by unstable economic conditions, as well as opportunities created by accelerating digital transition." said AhnLab's CEO Suk-Kyoon Kang. "Throughout this year, AhnLab will bolster its integrated security capabilities by actively linking its endpoint, network, and service areas, while also strengthening cooperation with external partners and providing customers with higher value security in order to achieve sustainable growth."



[Supplementary Information] Strategic Vision and Key Challenges for 2023

1. 2023 Strategic Vision

- Amid intensifying competition and economic uncertainty rapidly changing the market over the past few years, strategies are required to continuously innovate and adapt to the turbulent business environment. To meet these needs, AhnLab created the “AhnLab ReGenerate (continuous change, innovation, resilience) PLUS” strategic vision for 2023.


[What is ‘AhnLab ReGenerate PLUS’?]

▲Performance Plus: Promoting individual and organizational growth by changing working methods. Pursue systematic collaboration between functional organizations, strengthen job expertise, and engage in changes to work styles to meet these ends.

▲Level Plus: Expanding technology and business capabilities to ensure global competitiveness via increased technical competency, as well as suggesting security strategies and practices to respond to digital environments being rapidly altered by Cloud Native Security (CNAPP, Cloud Native Application Protection Platform), Zero Trust (ZTNA, Zero Trust Network Access), XDR (Extended Detection and Response), OT(Operational Technology) security, etc.

▲Unifying Plus: Developing unified offerings and sales across different security areas to enhance unified security and address diverse customer security needs. Pursuing organic connections between AhnLab's solutions and services in order to respond to sophisticated security threats.

▲Synergy Plus: Strengthening strategic synergies with diverse subsidiaries and AhnLab investors in order to cultivate shared growth based on open innovation. Further, advancing collaboration with AhnLab partners for shared growth.

In so doing, the company plans to vigorously internalize “ESG management” strategy for sustainable growth in 2023.


2. 2023 Key Challenges

In line with this year's strategic vision of “AhnLab ReGenerate (continuous change, innovation, resilience) PLUS”, AhnLab challenges itself to develop next-generation security models such as △XDR, △OT Security, △Cloud Native Security (CNAPP), and △Zero Trust (ZTNA), as well as related technologies.


△XDR (Extended Detection and Response*): Develop a cloud service platform that unifies and manages overall cybersecurity risks, including endpoints, networks, clouds, and email.

*XDR (Extended Detection and Response): A concept extending from endpoint-focused EDR, referring to the solutions and platforms that detect and respond to threats outside of the endpoint via a variety of channels, including network, email, and web.

△OT Security: Provide unified IT-OT security to help secure OT/ICS environments against growing security threats

△Cloud Native Security (CNAPP): Drive expansion and sophistication by means of security solutions optimized for cloud development and operations environments

△Zero Trust (ZTNA): Integrate AhnLab's endpoint and network technologies, and incrementally secure ZTNA technology to establish vision and further development

Additionally, a GLOBAL TF will be configured to gain global competitiveness based on next-generation security models and provide both product competency and infrastructure suitable for the global environment.


To learn more about AhnLab, visit www.ahnlab.com


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