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AhnLab brings ‘AhnLab ISF 2023’ to a successful close


Aug 08, 2023 - On Thursday, September 7, AhnLab(CEO Suk-kyoon Kang) hosted AhnLab ISF 2023, an integrated security strategy conference for client companies and corporate/institutional security staff, at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel.

The event, based around the theme of "Detect, Respond, and Evolve: Security Powered by AI (artificial intelligence)," began with an opening address from CEO Suk-kyoon Kang. It included a total of 22 speaking events, featuring a keynote session from Professor Yoo-jae Won (President of the Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology), AhnLab Research Institute Head Sung-hak Jeon, and AhnLab Product and Service Planning Head Chang-hee Kim. It also featured a subsequent track session during which security experts from AhnLab, its subsidiaries, and its customers discussed security trends, technologies, and incident cases.


[Chief Executive Officer's Opening Address]

During his opening address, CEO Suk-kyoon Kang noted that AhnLab, as the sole domestic security vendor catering to endpoints, networks, services, and clouds, "has been working for a number of years on applying AI technology to security," adding that the company would, in line with the event's theme, "further enhance detection and response capabilities via this AI approach to provide more robust security to our customers."

[Keynote Session]

In the keynote session on the theme of cybersecurity and AI, Professor Yoo-jae Won (President of the Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology and faculty at Chungnam National University's Computer Convergence Division) presented a methodology for the utilization of AI with a special focus on the AI technologies currently receiving the most attention, such as "AI for Security," "Security for AI," and "Safety for AI."

AhnLab Research Institute Head Sung-hak Jeon then presented on the future of AI-utilizing security products. Director Jeon introduced approaches for applying AI to cybersecurity, as well as AI technologies to AhnLab products, further taking time to make predictions about how security products may evolve in line with shifting trends in AI.

Finally, AhnLab Product and Service Planning Head Chang-hee Kim gave a speech titled "Past and Present: Continuing Future Security that Anticipates Novelty" during which he presented the increasingly sophisticated nature of security threats and the solutions that have been developed to counter them. He also introduced a future security roadmap developed by AhnLab.


[Track Session]

The track presentation session that followed proceeded on three tracks: Consolidation, TDR (threat detection and response) & Best Practices, and Modernization.

In each presentation session, security experts from AhnLab, its subsidiaries, and its customers shared practical security insights with attendees. Presenters shared everything from the latest security threats, TI (threat intelligence) use cases, the development process of AhnLab XDR (scheduled for release in October), and a demo of AhnLab XDR's use, to various trends in zero trust network access models, clouds, OT (operational technology), blockchain, as well as the direction AhnLab plans to take in threat response.


At exhibition booths, major, soon-to-be-released AhnLab and AhnLab subsidiary-developed services like AhnLab XDR were also demonstrated. Particularly positively received were the specialized consultations offered to all attendees.


Notably, AhnLab used environmentally conscious materials for this event. Not only were the plastic covers for lanyard-style name tags removed but also most of the structures inside the event venue—including the speaker's podium, registration desk, and exhibition booths—were fabricated using honeycomb board* rather than more conventional materials.


*Honeycomb board: Panels that feature an internal honeycomb structure, offering strength at a reduced weight. The most prevalent event-use materials are (1) aluminum panels for construction and (2) paperboard panels for decoration. A honeycomb paperboard panel is also known as corrugated cardboard. AhnLab made use of only the former (2).

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