AhnLab Products & Services

Managed Security Services

Integrated and Comprehensive Security Monitoring and Management Services

AhnLab provides managed security services for the effective operation and management of security solutions that protects our clients’ corporate information assets from ever-increasing security threats so that they may focus all their resources on their business. As a leading security service provider that first started providing information security services in South Korea, AhnLab provides managed security services “24/7/365”—any time, all year around—based on its extensive experience and expertise.

AhnLab operates Security Operations Centers (SOC) in South Korea and Japan, and provides managed security services for every different corporate system environment through partnership with global companies such as Cisco, IBM and Barracuda.

AhnLab Managed Security Services

AhnLab's managed security services mainly consist of intrusion response, event monitoring and analysis, security policy management, and technical support. Considering the various needs and different network environments of corporations, AhnLab provides its security managed services as an on-demand service in which our clients can choose the types of services they need.

Types of AhnLab Managed Security Services
  • 1. Main Services

    Managed Firewall Service

    • - Provides network security service in deploying, monitoring, response and assessment.
    • - Protects clients’ network systems from external threats so that they can maintain their business continuity

    Managed IDS/IPS Service

    • - Detects and responds to internal/external intrusions in real-time
    • - Maintains and manages the latest intrusion signatures to minimize false-positives
    • - Protects network and system resources through accurate detection and fast response using self-learning feature

    Managed UTM Service

    • - Integrated threat management service to detect and block internal and external threats
    • - Detects incoming threats on the basis of network-based detection function for comprehensive threat defense

    Managed WAF Service

    • - Blocks and responds to web attacks
    • - Analyzes and inspects security breaches and attempted attacks, then offers appropriate countermeasures

    Managed DDoS Protection Service

    • - Protects network from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and ensures secure business continuity
  • 2. Additional Services

    Forensics Service

    • - Analyzes and inspects potential vulnerabilities in corporation’s services and penetration paths
    • - Presents guidelines to protect the client's information system

    Vulnerability Management Service

    • - Regularly inspects and assesses vulnerabilities in corporation's systems and network
    • - Continually monitors system vulnerabilities
    • - Provides the best practice for immediate response against new vulnerabilities

    Penetration Test Service

    • - Conducts internal and external penetration tests by exploiting vulnerabilities on main systems with prior consent from client
    • - Provides appropriate countermeasures to prevent or block hacking attacks and internal threats

    System Hardening Service

    • - Inspects security settings on operating systems, such as Windows and Unix
    • - Enhances security features of systems

    Anti-Spam Service

    • - Disperses and protects mail traffic from mass mail attacks and mail server attacks
    • - Prevents waste of mail system resources by blocking mass spam mail

    Mail Security Service

    • - Provides email security service through partnership with MessageLabs, a global email security service provider
    • - Sets DNS and mail server settings to allow for safe use of email
    • - Contributes to cost efficiency without initial investment to deploy hardware or software