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AhnLab EPP

Optimized Platform for
Endpoint Protection

The next-generation endpoint protection, AhnLab EPP, integrates various endpoint security solutions based on a single agent and a single management console.


AhnLab EPP is the endpoint protection platform for optimized interoperation and integrated management of diverse security functions. AhnLab EPP provides a stronger response against threats than point solutions-based responses by providing truly centralized endpoint security management and operation. 


Sensitive data of organizations reside in endpoints and as a result, endpoints are continually exposed to security threats. Also, the increasing diversification of operating systems and devices require organizations to widen the object and scope of protection. 

In response to today's highly complex security threats, organizations are introducing multiple security solutions; however, limitations in operating and managing such multiple solutions often become a vulnerability in security. 

AhnLab EPP, a next-generation endpoint security platform, offers efficient management and strong response to threats with only an agent and a single management console. With AhnLab EPP, security managers can easily operate and manage endpoint products with an at-a-glance convenience.​

AhnLab EPP, the next-generation endpoint protection platform, provides diverse and convenient functions for efficient security operations and integrated threat response.

Easy and simple integration of security policy settings

  • - Integrated rules and responses applicable on all AhnLab security endpoint products, including AhnLab V3 antivirus or AhnLab EDR threat detection and response solution
  • - Advanced Rule Settings: Interoperating policies easily set on related endpoint solutions
  • - Integrated Response Settings: Individual or combined response policies set for systems that violate rules (e.g., network isolation, malware remediation, and patching)
  • - Reports created on set conditions, response commands, exceptions, or designated groups or rules

Automated syslog interoperation

  • - Seamless integration with various third-party solutions (e.g., SIEM, ESM, and integrated logs)
  • - Syslog UDP, Syslog TCP, and TCP over SSL supported
  • - Able to optimize interoperated policy
  • - Extensive security intelligence on threats via connecting to various solutions

Automated collection of endpoint threat information

  • - Analysis of suspicious endpoint terminals
  • - Automated collection of threat information via agent
  • - Detailed analysis provided by AhnLab’s globally-recognized security researchers upon request

AhnLab EPP helps create a powerful endpoint security system with a tightly integrated operation of various security solutions and threat response.

1. A more powerful threat response

  • - Implementation of a powerful platform-based endpoint security system by interoperating loads of security solutions
  • - Threat monitoring and response through interoperated policies between various security solutions
  • - Establishment of active security policies and measures according to the business environment and security requirements
  • - Maximization of the security control effect by interoperation with third-party solutions via the automated syslog logs

2. Convenient security operation

  • - Efficient security management through integrated settings and operations
  • - Immediate use of various AhnLab security endpoint solutions simply by adding a license
  • - Operational convenience through a web-based management console and its various management functions
  • - Enhanced convenience for security administrators through a dynamic UX-based, intuitive dashboard
  • - Convenient functions for administrators, such as user-defined reports

3. Expandability and reliability

  • - Easy to deploy and flexible-to-expand software-based solution
  • - Able to deploy according to business scale and IT environment
  • - Easy scale-out method to add or expand the server
  • - Module-based deployment enables flexible and limitless attachment
  • - Operational stability through load balancers - prevention and distribution of overloads across modules

AhnLab EPP consists of a web-based management console, AhnLab EPP Management, and an agent, AhnLab Security Agent. It can be deployed flexibly to suit your organization’s environment.​


AhnLab EPP Management

System Support
  • · Google Chrome(Windows, Mac)

  • · Microsoft Edge(Chromium)

  • · Language- Korean, English, Chinese(simplified), Japanese

AhnLab EPP Agent

System Support

· Windows 8(8.1) / 10 / 10 IoT Enterprise

· Windows Server 2012 (R2 included​) / 2016 / 2019

  • * 64-bit is supported for the above OS

  • · macOS Sierra(10.12) ~ Catalina(10.15), 11(Big Sur)

※ Windows 7, Windows Server 2008(R2 Included) is available in SHA-2 supported environments. For more information, please visit https://global.ahnlab.com/site/support/notice/noticeView.do?pressSeq=11771.

※ Recommended server specifications vary according to your environment. For more information, please contact us at global.sales@ahnlab.com