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Intrusion Prevention System

AhnLab AIPS is an Advanced Network Intrusion Prevention solution that protects customer’s business environment in response to changes in cybersecurity threats.

AhnLab AIPS (Advanced IPS) is a powerful network intrusion prevention solution that can respond to rapidly changing cyber security threats caused by digital transformations.

Security threats are rapidly changing with changes in the network environment. As the number of targets to attack increases and the method of attack varies, there are numerous variations. Along with these threats, Intrusion Prevention Solutions are also experiencing a change. Now it’s time to detect a lot of malware and defend against unknown attacks and more diverse attack elements and environments.

Based on AhnLab’s largest security threat analysis organization and infrastructure of Asia, AhnLab AIPS provides optimized network attack response signatures for network environments. While responding to the latest security threats with a variety of sophisticated detection engines and next-generation features, visibility and convenience make it easy and intuitive to identify and analyze threats.


  • Advanced detection engine and
    sophisticated signature-based next-generation
    Intrusion Prevention System

  • Highly capable of detecting and responding
    to threats with a variety of detection filters
    and acceleration technologies

  • High-performance packet
    processing system

    that combines the HW and SW technology

  • Adopting an Open API
    approach for collaboration with
    a variety of security solutions

  • Convenient GUI
    for quick and easy
    threat visibility

  • Improved threat analysis
    across multiple data and
    high degrees of freedom

AhnLab AIPS detects and blocks attacks based on network, OS, web and application vulnerabilities as well as various types of network-based attacks and malwares.

AIPS provides an easy and convenient operational management environment while securely protecting customer’s business against evolving network threats. It also ensures availability of networks and services with superior performance.

Intelligent Network Threat Detection
· Responds to security threats across multiple paths by advanced detection engines and next-generation IPS features
· Responds in advance to complex threats with malware detection and TMS linkage
Easy and Convenient Operation Management
· Easy and intuitive to view information with excellent visibility
· Detailed analysis of threat information with a variety of statistics and flexible Drill Down
Excellent Performance
· Enhanced performance of detection with high-performance of HW and acceleration technologies
· Provides fast and flexible analysis against a variety of threats by Big Data processing engines with high performance

Multiple Detection Engines for Security Threat Response

As the network environment changes, malware-based attacks are increasing along with the existed traffic-based attacks. AhnLab AIPS responds to evolving network security threats by Interworking with advanced detection engines, next-generation IPS features, and other security solutions.

  • - High-performance pattern matching
  • - Application Control
  • - Behavioral detection (Flooding, Scanning. Etc.)
  • - Blocks abnormal protocol (HTTP, DNS, SIP)
  • - IP/MAC control (abnormal MAC, IP based Blacklist)
  • - Encrypted traffic analysis
  • - Detects and blocks C&C server access
  • - IP/TCP refragmentation and prevents bypassing attacks through XFF features

  • - YARA engine and signature (static analysis)
  • - Malicious file extraction
  • - Precious analysis through TMS

Information Visibility and Convenient GUI

AhnLab AIPS supports advanced information visibility to help users to quickly and easily recognize network conditions and analyze security threats. Custom dashboards and widgets allow administrators to organize dashboards with only the information they want. It scans threat events and generates custom statistics/analysis policies if continuous statistics and analysis are required.

Enhanced Detection/Blocking Performance

AIPS detects and prevents large traffic without service failures or packet leakage through multicore CPU and AhnLab’s optimized programming, architectures for high-speed packet processing, and PCRE acceleration technologies. 


High-performance Searching and Threat Analysis

AhnLab AIPS applies a high-performance engine focused on Big Data processing to support fast log/event scanning and flexible statistics/analysis of numerous detected events.

Big data Processing-based High-performance Engine Applied

High-Speed Search
- Faster than competing products
- Only for Big Data processing
Various Analysis
- Supports accurate analysis of events through flexible search
- Perfect custom statistics/report
Resources Efficiency
- Efficiency of memory resources
- Storage space optimization
- Ensures high efficiency of low specification equipment
Category AIPS 2000B
CPU 8 Core
System Storage 64GB (SSD)

 Log Storage


SSD 1.92TB, SSD 2TB (option)
Maximum Slots Min 2 / Max 4
NIC 1GC 10 (Max 34, including Mgmt)
1GF 2 (Max 16)
10GF ​0 (Max 2)​
40GF -
Bypass Support


 550W Redundant​ 

MAX IPS Throughput (UDP) 20G
Category AIPS 5000B
CPU 20 Core
System Storage ​64GB (SSD)​

 Log Storage


SSD 1.92TB, SSD 2TB (option)
Maximum Slots Min 4 / Max 6
NIC 1GC 10 (Max 50, including Mgmt)
1GF 4 (Max 24)
10GF 0 (Max 24)
40GF -
Bypass Support


550W Redundant​ 

​MAX IPS Throughput (UDP)​ 80G
Category AIPS 10000B
CPU 32 Core

 System Storage

 64GB (SSD)​​ 

Log Storage HDD 2TB

SSD 1.92TB, SSD 2TB (option) 

Maximum Slots Min 4 / Max 6
NIC 1GC 10 (Max 50, including Mgmt)
1GF 0 (Max 24)
10GF 4 (Max 24)
40GF 0 (Max 6)
Bypass Support


550W Redundant​ 

MAX IPS Throughput (UDP) 120G