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The Evolution of Threat
Detection & Response

As cyber threats become sophisticated in the digital transformation era, organizations are adopting more security products to defend against modern attacks. The increasing number of point products makes cybersecurity staffs struggle with addressing a massive amount of security events and prioritizing cyber risks. Businesses are now expecting a holistic security approach, and this is where XDR(eXtended Detection and Response) comes in.

AhnLab XDR is a cloud-based, SaaS-delivered platform that collects and analyzes logs from various systems and helps customers prioritize and manage cyber risks.

AhnLab XDR Platform

1. Risk Scoring

  • AhnLab XDR normalizes and enriches the initially collected data and conducts a correlation analysis. Then, it generates a risk score based on the analysis that ultimately enables customers to build a threat response strategy with a thorough understanding of the priority and impact of cyber threats.

2. Up-to-date Scenario Rules​

  • AhnLab XDR is equipped with pre-defined scenarios of existing and prevalent cyber risks. By continuously updating the scenario rules, AhnLab XDR ensures users always stay ahead of the latest threats.​

3. Threat Intelligence based Monitoring

  • AhnLab XDR offers a threat intelligence-based monitoring feature that allows customers to check how much their assets are related to IOCs confirmed by AhnLab TIP and carry out an immediate response measure. Also, the integration with AhnLab TIP provides richer content for customers, such as news clipping and security advisory.

4. Log Collection and Integrated Threat Response

  • AInteroperating with our EPP and EDR, AhnLab XDR can collect additional data from users/assets and leverage them for an optimal response. The data acquisition process does not require the agent as the data can be collected from AhnLab Data Hub, where all the security product data reside.

With AhnLab XDR, customers can precisely identify the risks and prioritize them based on the risk score. For the risk that needs to be addressed, seamlessly integrated security products offer optimized response measures. All in all, the benefits of AhnLab XDR truly matter as it essentially improves an organization’s level of security as well as operational efficiency.