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  • In Depth Analysis

    Operation Shadow Force

    This analysis report will examine Operation Shadow Force that had been hidden behind legitimate certificates for the last seven years.

  • Threat Analysis

    Five Malicious Sextortion Apps

    This analysis report will examine the top five malicious applications being used for sextortion scams.


Issue Report

The Evolution of Magniber Ransomware

This analysis report will examine the recent malicious activities of Magniber ransomware from changes in exploited vulnerability to shellcode.


Sour Lemon Duck: PowerShell Malware Exploiting SMB Vulnerability

This analysis report presents the kill-chain, primary functions, and internal proliferation methods of Lemon Duck in full detail.


Operation Kabar Cobra: Tenacious cyber-espionage by Kimsuky

This report describes the latest attacks by Kimsuky Group including main methods, and changes in their purpose and targets.


Full Discloser of Andariel, a Subgroup of Lazarus Threat Group

This report describes the several cyberattacks by Andariel Threat Group including main methods, and changes in their purpose and targets


Ghosts Dwelling in the USB Memory

This analysis report will examine the the malware that has been dwelling in the USB memory during the last decade.


Detailed Analysis of Red Eyes Hacking Group

This report takes a closer look at the main activities of Red Eyes and another group that may be affiliated with it.


Analysis Report on Attacks Targeting South Korea

This report shows attacks targeting South Korea; attack method and hacking groups.


Targeted Attacks on Defense Industry

This report presents analysis of attacks on defense industry which can be serious concerns to national security.