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The Top 5 Security Threats that will Sweep Over 2017


"All forms of life evolve from simple to complex as they adapt to their environment; competitive ones survive, and non-competitive ones die out."

Darwin's Theory of Evolution can be summarized as above. You can find the same phenomenon in 2016's security trends. This year's security threats evolved from simple to complex, coexisting in the online ecosystem, and growing stronger or dying out in a fierce fight for survival. Unlike us, there are new threats that have already adapted to ever-changing IT environment, earlier than anyone expected. AhnLab’s security researchers and experts have predicted the top security threats of 2017 and advised how to protect enterprises and organizations against the elusive threats.

Read more about 2017 Security Predictions and Advices by AhnLab's security experts, and plus ‘Top 5 Security Threats That Engulfed 2016’ in the below:


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2017 Security Predictions

1. Changes in Ransomware Targets

Ransomware that spread widely over the past year has become a useful criminal tool for gaining money from an attacker’s point of view. The so-called Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), ransomware services that generate and disseminate ransomware for profit, have started to pick up steam and accelerate the spread of ransomware.

2. Generalization of Cyberattacks Toolkits

The generalization of cyberattacks is expected to be exploited for more crimes; it becomes more difficult to specify and investigate who is behind the cybercrimes. Attackers will continue to use drive-by download method that malware is automatically installed when visiting a website or viewing an e-mail message.

3. Advanced Camouflage to Infiltrate and Occupy the Systems

Recently, the purpose of cyberattacks against corporations has shifted to attempts to infiltrate and take control of corporate internal infrastructure. These types of attacks combine with multiple techniques to penetrate companies and organizations successfully.

4. Unremitting Cyberattacks against Social Infrastructure

The political and economic conflicts over the world will be more intensified this year; ideological conflicts between nations will be deepen. In other words, cyber terrorism that targets foreign organizations will not halt.

5. Internet of Things vs. Threat of Things

The development and proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will be accelerated this year; so the IoT security threats do. Due to the lack of IoT device manufacturers’ security awareness, the IoT devices with security vulnerabilities continue to be sold. And the attackers will never miss the chance. 


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